Illustration of Duck with question marks

You Think You Know UO Research? Take the Quiz

Test your knowledge of the UO’s recent scientific and scholarly work with these Duckbill-busting questions

By the Oregon Quarterly staff Illustrations by Kyla Tom April 3, 2024

8 min read 

You’ve been around the block. Perhaps even jogged around the Hayward Field oval. Sipped and swilled at the EMU. Scarfed elephant ears at the Street Faire. Recognized locations in Animal House. And maybe—just maybe—learned the words to “Mighty Oregon.”

You know the University of Oregon. But how well do you know UO research? Test your knowledge with these fifteen questions, based on news about UO scientific and scholarly work published on Around the O and other UO sources in the past year. To learn more about the work of our faculty and students, check out the story links that follow the quiz. Good luck. And Go Ducks!


Kyla Tom is senior graphic designer for University Communications.