Duck Life

Autumn 2023

National Science Conference Has Diversity at Its STEM

UO students found camaraderie, career paths, and more at major conference in Portland

President Scholz standing outside of Johnson Hall
Autumn 2023

Meeting Many to Listen and Learn

Karl Scholz has spent his first ninety days engaging Ducks at a whirlwind pace

students at football
Autumn 2023

In Their Own Words: New Ducks Sample the FIGs

In First-year Interest Groups, students follow their fascinations and create community

Autumn 2023

Seven New Scenes at the University of Oregon

From academics to buildings to leadership, the new year shows that Ducks never stand still

Summer 2023

Happiness 101

In the classroom and outside it, neuroscientist David McCormick is leading UO's mindfulness revolution

Summer 2023

A Shot in the Dark

Josh Frankel was the backup to the backup when, against USC in 1999, his number was called

Summer 2023

Taking the Reins, Budding Designers Gain Experience

Portland-based product design students drew inspiration from projects to improve horse-centered therapy

Spring 2023

“Live Well, Think Beautifully”

Undergrad anthropologist immerses himself with an Indigenous people who are determined to protect their way of life

Spring 2023

Putting the “Peer” in Peerless Support

Student mentors help PathwayOregon scholars navigate college life and thrive