Current Issue / Autumn 2023


The UO 2023–24: Unboxed

The UO’s academic year package has arrived with new places, programs, and projects
Volume 103 Number 1. Motion graphic by David Gill and Chris Larsen, University Communications.

Media & Communications

New Master’s Meets the Demand for Virtual Virtuosos

A new immersive media communication master’s envisions an exciting reality for creative careers

Jon Bellona
Art, Design & Literature

Making Waves with Multisensory Experiences

Faculty member Jon Bellona creates new sounds and perspectives through sonic experimentation

Illustration portraying green energy alternatives
Environment & Sustainability

Greg Dotson is Down to Earth on Climate Legislation

The law prof offers fresh insights on Capitol Hill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and cutting carbon pollution

Education, Health & WellnessDuck Life

Seven New Scenes at the University of Oregon

From academics to buildings to leadership, the new year shows that Ducks never stand still

Duck Life

Meeting Many to Listen and Learn

Karl Scholz has spent his first ninety days engaging Ducks at a whirlwind pace

Science & Technology

Data Detective Cracks Mysteries in Biology

In her lab and research, Rori Rohlfs uses data science skills to move toward social justice

Science & Technology

At an Ancient Site, Holding Hands across History

New proof shows the earliest North Americans found to date lived in Oregon

Environment & SustainabilityViewpoints

These Two-Wheelers Aren’t Just Taking You for a Ride

The surge in e-scooter use at the UO follows the path to a transportation shift—and fun

Duck Life

In Their Own Words: New Ducks Sample the FIGs

In First-year Interest Groups, students follow their fascinations and create community