Bob Anet receiving the 1939 NCAA basketball championship trophy
The UO’s Bob Anet receives the 1939 NCAA basketball championship trophy in front of Ohio State player James Hull (courtesy Special Collections and University Archives, UO Libraries)

Writer’s Devotion Dates to Nursing Program, Tall Firs

Memories of a festive tour through Bend after the UO clinched the title

August 21, 2023

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Thanks for the Memories

I have appreciated being a U of O alum and keeping in touch for many years. My being a U of O fan started even before my enrollment in the five-year U of O nursing degree program in 1947. In 1939, when I was ten years old, I and a car full of neighbor kids were packed in my friend Eva’s dad’s big, old car. Mr. Moore drove us around Bend, Oregon, with horn honking and us hanging out the windows, yelling and waving. The Tall Fir basketball team from the University of Oregon had just won the national basketball tourney.

I have appreciated keeping in touch as an alum and fan. I still have four football season tickets and am deciding if I can still walk to Autzen Stadium for this fall’s games. I have looked forward to receiving the Quarterly by mail and now hope I’ve pushed the right buttons to get the Quarterly via the web.

Thanks, and GO DUCKS!

Shirley Fossen Kingsbury, BS ’52 (nursing/medical technology)

Eugene, Oregon

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