The Fragile Blue Dot: Stories from Our Imperiled Biosphere

By Ross West, MFA ’84 (creative writing)

War Bonds

By Christina Lux, MA ’01 (French), PhD ’07 (Romance languages)

Three Chapbooks/Three Poets

By Rodger Moody, BA ’76 (English), MFA ’78 (creative writing); Carol Durak, MFA ’81 (English); and John P Harn, MFA ’82 (creative writing)

My Life With Words

By Barbara F. Luebke, MS ’72 (journalism)

Duties and Dreams

By John A. Heldt, BS ’85 (journalism, history)


By Shauna C. Murphy, MS ’21 (multimedia journalism)

We Call So Many Feelings Love

By Sara Sebastian, BA ’13 (history, journalism)

Jump Straight Up

By Jarold Ramsey, BA ’59 (English)

Lines of Deception

By Steve Anderson, BA ’89 (history)

Taking New Paths: Stories of Leaving Religion

By Doug Matheson, MS ’84 (health education)

Off the Wall

By Kari Wergeland, BA ’85 (Clark Honors College, English)