Coos River Beauties

By J. K. Mansfield, BS ’97 (sociology)

Pushed: Miners, a Merchant, and (Maybe) a Massacre

By Ana Maria Spagna, BA ’89 (Clark Honors College, English)

May the Best Killer Win

By Benjamin Kalb, BS ’69 (journalism)

Weird Science

By Doug Hawley, MA ’67, PhD ’69 (mathematics)

The Neighbors We Want

By Tim Lane, BA ’06 (magazine, Spanish)

Evolving in Love: ES Evolutional SELF-Healing

By Douglas K. Vernon, BS ’77 (journalism)

The Ice Sings Back

By M Jackson, PhD ’17 (geography)

COLOR Up to Create the Life You Want to Live

By Karen A. Foss, BA ’72 (Romance languages), MA ’73 (speech), and Ann Skinner-Jones

Feminism in Practice: Communication Strategies for Making Change

By Karen A. Foss, BA ’72 (Romance languages), MA ’73 (speech); Sonja K. Foss, BA ’72 (Romance languages), MA ’73 (speech: rhetoric and communication); and Alena Amato Ruggerio

A Child’s Christmas in Sweden and Other Memories

By Earl Anderson, MA ’67, PhD ’70 (English)