LIFE: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry

Edited by Jeremy Swartz, BA ’00 (music), MS ’10 (individualized program), PhD ’16 (communication and society); and Janet Wasko, professor, School of Journalism and Communication

The Sustainable Urban Design Handbook

By Nico Larco, professor, School of Architecture & Environment; and Kaarin Knudson, BA ’99 (journalism, fine and applied arts), MArch ’07, instructor, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Understanding Imperiled Earth: How Archaeology and Human History Can Inform Our Planet’s Future

By Todd Braje, PhD ’07 (anthropology), executive director, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Get Empowered: A Practical Guide to Thrive, Heal, and Embrace Your Confidence in a Sexist World

By Nadia Telsey, former instructor and faculty advisor, and Lauren R. Taylor

Coloring into Existence: Queer of Color Worldmaking in Children’s Literature

By Isabel Millán, assistant professor, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Sisterhood: How a Network of Black Women Writers Changed American Culture

By Courtney Thorsson, associate professor, Department of English

Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women’s Food Work

By Diana Garvin, assistant professor of Italian, Mediterranean studies, Department of Romance Languages

Castoffs of Capital: Work and Love among Garment Workers in Bangladesh

By Lamia Karim, professor, Department of Anthropology

Nation Branding and Sports Diplomacy: Country Image Games in Times of Change

By Yoav Dubinsky, instructor of sports business, Lundquist College of Business

Nice Is Not Enough: Inequality and the Limits of Kindness at American High

By C. J. Pascoe, associate professor, Department of Sociology