LIFE: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry

Edited by Jeremy Swartz, BA ’00 (music), MS ’10 (individualized program), PhD ’16 (communication and society); and Janet Wasko, professor, School of Journalism and Communication

The Sustainable Urban Design Handbook

By Nico Larco, professor, School of Architecture & Environment; and Kaarin Knudson, BA ’99 (journalism, fine and applied arts), MArch ’07, instructor, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Understanding Imperiled Earth: How Archaeology and Human History Can Inform Our Planet’s Future

By Todd Braje, PhD ’07 (anthropology), executive director, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Get Empowered: A Practical Guide to Thrive, Heal, and Embrace Your Confidence in a Sexist World

By Nadia Telsey, former instructor and faculty advisor, and Lauren R. Taylor

Coloring into Existence: Queer of Color Worldmaking in Children’s Literature

By Isabel Millán, assistant professor, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Sisterhood: How a Network of Black Women Writers Changed American Culture

By Courtney Thorsson, associate professor, Department of English

Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women’s Food Work

By Diana Garvin, assistant professor of Italian, Mediterranean studies, Department of Romance Languages

Castoffs of Capital: Work and Love among Garment Workers in Bangladesh

By Lamia Karim, professor, Department of Anthropology

Nation Branding and Sports Diplomacy: Country Image Games in Times of Change

By Yoav Dubinsky, instructor of sports business, Lundquist College of Business

Nice Is Not Enough: Inequality and the Limits of Kindness at American High

By C. J. Pascoe, associate professor, Department of Sociology

Invisible Son

By Kim Johnson, BS ’01 (ethnic studies), vice provost, Undergraduate Education and Student Success