Media & Communications

Summer 2023

Wrestle Wolves. Regale Trees. It’s Self-Care the Viking Way.

Thorfinn from the CBS series “Ghosts”—aka Devan Long—offers tips for being fit as a pirate Norseman

Professor Whitney Phillips at a blackboard with student in foreground
Winter 2023 Viewpoints

Four ways to avoid polluting the social media ecosystem

Students in Whitney Phillips’s J-397 Media Ethics class explore ethical problems in media such as privacy and violence

Lauren Yang Brown
Autumn 2021

Student Fact Finder Has Her Ducks in a Row

Journalism student Lauren Yang Brown is a social media "campus correspondent"

Autumn 2022

Lorie Acio is on the Fast Track at MSNBC

The 2011 Clark Honors College graduate and journalism major is making headlines for her company's work in racial healing

Summer 2022

Insider’s View: Paul Swangard

This summer holds special meaning for NBC broadcaster and “the voice of Hayward Field”

Spring 2022

Movies That Move You

From UO theater to Hollywood, from teaching to creating award-winning documentary films, it wasn’t a straight path for Skye Fitzgerald