Autumn 2020

Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2020 cover

Politics & Society

Untold Stories

Interviews with wives and children of Bracero farm workers reveal the impact of the program on Mexican families

painting of mythological Sisyphus
Art, Design & Literature

Overwhelmed and Undermined and OK with It

Research on Camus yields a philosophy for overcoming addiction

Niria Garcia
Politics & Society

Fighting for the Favela

Finding inspiration—and a calling—in a struggling Brazilian neighborhood

Science & Technology

Traffic Signs

Tracking usage of Netflix and Hulu—and adjusting to life far from home

Environment & Sustainability

Burning Question

Do forest fires hurt public health? An economics student finds an answer, and a future

Politics & Society

Black Life on Campus, a History Unchanged

McNair Scholar examines 50 years of Black protest at UO

Science & Technology

Duck Masterminds Cybersecurity Breakthroughs

Sushil Jajodia, PhD graduate, receives prestigious computer science industry honor

Politics & Society

The Economics of Equality

Persecuted in Algeria, Nina Kerkebane is devoted to helping marginalized groups

Media & Communications

Fighting the “Parallel Pandemic”

Student’s Twitter feed is antidote to rapid spread of COVID-19 misinformation

Science & Technology

Diana Libuda and Alina Salagean

Professor and protégé find research is in their DNA

Science & Technology

Lasting Legacy

Talented researcher follows in her grandmother’s footsteps—and paves the way for future scientists

Art, Design & Literature

Foundations of a Holistic Healer

Adeline Fecker’s work seems to exist in disparate worlds—humanities and science

Environment & Sustainability

Water for Life

Cheyenne Holliday organizes rural indigenous peoples and communities of color to explore water issues

Art, Design & Literature

UO Leader’s Book Reflects on ‘Two Americas’

Assistant Vice Provost’s young adult novel on systemic racism comes at a pivotal moment

Media & Communications

Tweeting at 200 MPH

Tyson Winter realized he could make a career out of helping athletes and sports leagues promote themselves on social media


A Dog’s Disability Leads to Life Lessons in Companionship

Bonds take on different meaning when a dog has a hearing disability

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