Environment & Sustainability

The Beauty of Campus in Tree Dimensions

Native species, thriving transplants, and majestic memorials contribute to the UO experience

A butterfly in the foreground and wind farm in the background, sepia tones
Spring 2024

Spinning Stories of Climate Change and a Fragile Planet

Alum Ross West pens cli-fi collection with provocative questions but no easy answers

illustration of USA divided into four slices with scenes of pollution and protest against graph of upward profit trend
Winter 2024 Viewpoints

Four Ways US Chipmakers Can Learn from History

The past holds lessons regarding workplace conditions, labor rights, and the environment

Winter 2024 Duck Life

The UO’s First Black Woman Grad Brought Lasting Change

The legacy of Nellie Franklin—a Black student who was not permitted to live in a dorm—still resonates today

Autumn 2023

Greg Dotson is Down to Earth on Climate Legislation

The law prof offers fresh insights on Capitol Hill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and cutting carbon pollution

Autumn 2023 Viewpoints

These Two-Wheelers Aren’t Just Taking You for a Ride

The surge in e-scooter use at the UO follows the path to a transportation shift—and fun