Environment & Sustainability

Breaking the Ice: Debut by M Jackson Blends Science and Fiction

M Jackson is a TED Fellow and a National Geographic Society Explorer who is breaking barriers facing women in science. In her first novel, the glaciologist tells the story of four women and the fierce fight for survival.

collage of professor Daisy-O’lice Williams showing architect Paul Revere Williams and her dog
Winter 2023

Digital Collage Inspires Architecture Ideas

Associate professor specializes in architectural visualization and the role of digital collage in the student design process

Close-up of student in lab with computer chip
Autumn 2022

Center for Electrochemistry Generates Green Power

Students and faculty members search for solutions that will make green renewable energy work

Autumn 2022

Documenting an Elemental Approach to Wildfire

UO alumnus Trip Jennings created a film titled Elemental, examining ways to live with wildfire

Summer 2022

Live like a sea turtle? VR study gives humans the experience

Danny Pimentel's VR simulation increased empathy and tendency toward action

Summer 2022

Lab Applies Tech Tools to Meadow Maintenance

A riverside meadow is a testing ground with multiple goals in mind