Summer 2022

Oregon Quarterly Summer 2022

Business & Innovation

Dynamic Duck Duo

​Chuck and Gwen Lillis have served the UO in many ways. Mostly, they listen, lead, and dare the university to be great.

Raevyn Rogers
Sports & Fitness

An Image on the Tower, Legend on the Track

UO running great-turned-pro Raevyn Rogers is ready for the world (championships)

Swangard in the booth at Hayward Field, in discussion with a guest
Media & Communications

Insider’s View: Paul Swangard

This summer holds special meaning for NBC broadcaster and “the voice of Hayward Field”

Sports & Fitness

That Old Hayward Magic Gets New Life

Six-time All American runner Rudy Chapa reflects on the legacy and future of Hayward Field

Education, Health & Wellness

Damien Callahan and Injuries in Athletes

Knight Campus scientist studies elite athletes for clues about muscle rehabilitation after injury

Politics & Society

Jason Younker, Now Coquille Indian Tribe Chief

The UO alumnus looks to preserve and restore Coquille culture for future generations

Environment & Sustainability

Live like a sea turtle? VR study gives humans the experience

Danny Pimentel's VR simulation increased empathy and tendency toward action

Sports & Fitness

A Leap of Faith from the Olympics to NFL Sundays

Devon Allen chases a historic twofer—medaling at the world championships and playing pro football

Environment & Sustainability

Lab Applies Tech Tools to Meadow Maintenance

A riverside meadow is a testing ground with multiple goals in mind