Anita Hill, in pink jacket, says the promise of feminism is the unification of various marginalized groups

She started a national conversation on sexual harassment thirty years ago in testifying against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Anita Hill visits the University of Oregon May 9 to lecture in conjunction with fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Center for the Study of Women in Society, during which she’ll discuss the ongoing fight against gender-based violence.

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They’re courageous, committed, endlessly creative. Ducks featured in the spring 2024 issue of Oregon Quarterly are pushing the limits of discovery, career, and—in the case of a fearless refugee from Afghanistan—women’s rights. Binding them together is their power to inspire. Plus: a news quiz! 

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Felix Deku in lab
Science & Technology

Building Better Brain Implants

Researcher Felix Deku is designing tech to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and depression

a young man comforts an older woman in an illustration that includes the purple ribbon representing Alzheimer's disease
Education, Health & Wellness

How to Care for Someone with Swallowing Problems

Samantha Shune, an expert on aging, troubleshoots this problem of dementia

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Knight Campus director Bob Guldberg to speak at TEDxPortland

The UO bioengineer will discuss research that could predict how well people heal from injury

Around the O

A more realistic artificial skin may lead to medical advances

A novel 3D printing technique helps UO researchers and partners better replicate the real thing

Around the O

Here’s how sports brands can appeal to fans in the metaverse

A UO sports industry expert zeroes in on the most effective and engaging strategies

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