Science & Technology Articles

Autumn 2023 Duck Life

National Science Conference Has Diversity at Its STEM

UO students found camaraderie, career paths, and more at major conference in Portland

Autumn 2023

At an Ancient Site, Holding Hands across History

New proof shows the earliest North Americans found to date lived in Oregon

Autumn 2023

Data Detective Cracks Mysteries in Biology

In her lab and research, Rori Rohlfs uses data science skills to move toward social justice

Spring 2023

An Aquarium Fish That Became a Supermodel

Video: The zebrafish makes waves worldwide as a research aid, thanks to UO scientists

Spring 2023

Tiny Worms and Time Machines

Imaginative breakthrough in gene editing could speed development of new drugs

Spring 2022 Duck Life

UO Alumna Part of Webb Space Telescope Team

Charity Woodrum overcame personal tragedy to pursue a career in space physics

Spring 2022

Knight Campus researchers develop gene therapy for eye disease

The therapy could eventually provide an alternative treatment for Fuchs’ dystrophy, an eye disease that is the leading cause of corneal transplant surgery

Spring 2022

Cybersecurity Researchers Help Protect the Internet

Cybersecurity is the lifeblood of the internet—and a growth area in the computer science department

Spring 2022

Gulp! Little Larvae Have a Surprising Survival Strategy

Tiny marine larvae survive by turning carnivorous, study finds