Spring 2023

student with VR goggles

Sports & Fitness

The Solitary Genius Who Sparked a Global Revolution

Legendary coach Bill Bowerman spurred TrackTown USA and a stream of innovations in footwear and performance

Itzel Chavez Gomez in front of the Adelante Mujeres office
Politics & Society

Lifting “Chicas” into College

Her experience and ideas make alumna Itzel Chávez Gómez the bridge to higher ed for Latinas in Oregon

Child in work goggles examining letter "A" to suggest literacy and testing
Education, Health & Wellness

A Dynamic Approach to Learning Your A-B-C’s

For decades, the UO’s short test has helped millions of kids improve literacy


Talking Ideas with Karl Scholz

The university’s incoming president on his career, curiosity, and what he likes about Eugene. Hint: he’s a runner.

Environment & Sustainability

Fusing Art and Science to Save the Seas

Stacy Alaimo explores the intersection of aesthetics and marine conservation

Science & Technology

An Aquarium Fish That Became a Supermodel

Video: The zebrafish makes waves worldwide as a research aid, thanks to UO scientists

Business & InnovationViewpoints

Ask These 8 Questions before Making Your Pitch

Here’s the windup from Lundquist College of Business expert Jeff Sorensen

Business & InnovationDuck Life

Fab Five: What I’ve Learned about Building a Business

A quintet of innovative alumni share the inspirations underpinning their endeavors

Science & Technology

Tiny Worms and Time Machines

Imaginative breakthrough in gene editing could speed development of new drugs

Education, Health & WellnessDuck Life

Putting the “Peer” in Peerless Support

Student mentors help PathwayOregon scholars navigate college life and thrive

Environment & Sustainability

Breaking the Ice: Debut by M Jackson Blends Science and Fiction

M Jackson is a TED Fellow and a National Geographic Society Explorer who is breaking barriers facing women in science. In her first novel, the glaciologist tells the story of four women and the fierce fight for survival.

Environment & SustainabilityDuck Life

“Live Well, Think Beautifully”

Undergrad anthropologist immerses himself with an Indigenous people who are determined to protect their way of life