Environment & Sustainability Articles

Autumn 2023

Greg Dotson is Down to Earth on Climate Legislation

The law prof offers fresh insights on Capitol Hill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and cutting carbon pollution

Autumn 2023 Viewpoints

These Two-Wheelers Aren’t Just Taking You for a Ride

The surge in e-scooter use at the UO follows the path to a transportation shift—and fun

Summer 2023 Viewpoints

The Essential Beauty of Fractal Patterns

Video: The repeating patterns in nature are important in managing stress, UO professors say

Spring 2023 Duck Life

“Live Well, Think Beautifully”

Undergrad anthropologist immerses himself with an Indigenous people who are determined to protect their way of life

Spring 2023

Breaking the Ice: Debut by M Jackson Blends Science and Fiction

M Jackson is a TED Fellow and a National Geographic Society Explorer who is breaking barriers facing women in science. In her first novel, the glaciologist tells the story of four women and the fierce fight for survival.

Spring 2023

Fusing Art and Science to Save the Seas

Stacy Alaimo explores the intersection of aesthetics and marine conservation

Winter 2023

Digital Collage Inspires Architecture Ideas

Associate professor specializes in architectural visualization and the role of digital collage in the student design process

Autumn 2022

Center for Electrochemistry Generates Green Power

Students and faculty members search for solutions that will make green renewable energy work

Autumn 2022

Documenting an Elemental Approach to Wildfire

UO alumnus Trip Jennings created a film titled Elemental, examining ways to live with wildfire