Summer 2020

Schill on George Floyd Protests, Black Lives Matter, Deady Renaming

UO President Michael Schill on the protests, systemic racism, COVID-19 and moving forward

Spring 2020

Clearcuts, Rose Bowl role models, and memories of Ed Whitelaw

Readers sound off about logging, Duck pride, inspirational teaching, and human rights

Spring 2020

Duck Tale: John Frohnmayer and the Long Game in Golf, Life

What lessons could a golf caddy learn? You don't have to play the game to see what it reveals of human nature

Winter 2020

Memories of tough courses and accomplished alumna

Reflections on learning economics, the late Mary Moody, and excellence at the UO

Winter 2020

Google's Stephen Gillett is Gamer, On and Off the Field

World of Warcraft wizard and former Duck footballer Stephen Gillett cites lessons learned in leadership and the tech industry

Autumn 2019

Ethnic Studies: A Chinese Adoptee Examines “Otherness”

A Chinese adoptee explores otherness within a family that is loving but different

Autumn 2019

Readers respond to ”100 Ducks Who Made a Difference“

Plenty of opinions, ideas, and insights about professorial politics and our choices for Ducks to profile

Autumn 2019

Set Apart, and Soaring

A mother’s nontraditional path through college ends with self-acceptance

Summer 2019

Sharing UO memories, life experiences, praise, and opinions

Preservation program, a smorgasbord, a conservative viewpoint, listening to each other, and algae farms